Downington Gymnastics Policies


Tuition is due each six weeks in advance as billed. Our season is September through to the Recital in the beginning of June. WE DO NOT GIVE CREDIT OR REFUNDS. Missed lessons may be made up in a comparable class. No pupils may continue class into the next series until accounts are completely current. A Service Charge of $15.00 per month will prevail for overdue accounts.


Students should be attired for class in either a Gym Leotard or aerobic clothes. Most of our girls work barefooted, but light sneakers or gym shoes can be worn. Safety Rules make it necessary that pupils do not wear jewelry, nor chew gum. Pupils should report promptly to class, ready to work, with hair pulled or tied back. No oversized Tee shirts. Pupils will not be admitted to class unless these requirements are met. The safety of our students is paramount.


We insist that there be no VISITORS to our classes except on specified Visiting Days. We ask that parents do not enter the classroom and seat themselves, preparing to watch the class. The pupils do not perform well, and cannot attune themselves to the Coach’s instruction. Thank you for your understanding and kind cooperation in this matter.

Note to Our Parents

The Trustees of the Alert Fire Company have asked that all of our parents PARK IN THE BACK PARKING LOT, PLEASE. The parking lot Along the side of the building is for firemen on fire calls. And PLEASE USE OUR STAIRWAY ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE BUILDING, as you face the back of the building (the west side). Thank you very, very much!


It is impossible for us to call everyone when we must cancel. Will you please CALL OUR OFFICE AT 610-692-6144 BEFORE LEAVING HOME, if you are in doubt as to a Bad Weather Cancellation. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, DROP OFF A CHILD AT OUR GYM OR STUDIO SHOULD THERE BE ANY DOUBT AS TO WHETHER CLASSES ARE BEING HELD. PLEASE MAKE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT WE ARE IN SESSION BEFORE DRIVING AWAY. We usually follow school cancellations, but not always, if the weather improves after Noon. Please Check Bills for Vacation Schedules, and then mark them on your home calendar. PLEASE ALWAYS CALL IF IN QUESTION ABOUT CLASS BEING HELD. OUR TELEPHONE IS: 610-692-6144.