The Intermediate Curriculum

Within the Intermediate Curriculum are four distinct Lesson Plans for children in the six to ten year age group, in which we begin to instill the vital Barre Work. This is training provided in legitimate ballet academies throughout the world, that actually teaches the body methods of behavior: warming, stretching, limbering, pointing, disengaging, lifting, circling, tempo, focus, and aplomb – tools with which the body is able to absorb technique. This learned physical behavior is taught in conjunction with patterning for the feet to acquire precise and deliberate foot movement, upper and body carriage, and total body structure alignment. Tempo change within the technique and horizontal carriage is introduced with leaps, turns, beats, and vertical carriage within advancing centre floor work.

Intermediate Tap and Jazz Curriculums continue within these same theories and exercises as they become increasingly more intricate and difficult. The Four Intermediate Levels coordinate heightened focus on these dance forms and their genuine reliance upon one another.

Through all of her tommorows

Time has a way of passing too quickly with little ones, and our children become young women before our eyes. Dance Training today is so important for your child’s physical, social, and emotional development for tomorrow. Proper technique training is available to the distinguishing parents who wish for their daughter to studythe beauty of dance with a Combination Class offering a background of Classical Ballet, Tap, and Jazz enabling a pupil to make an informed choice of the form of dance she may wish to pursue on a serious level. Poise and grace can create an entire world of accomplished talent and self-confidence, as we encourage her to learn expressive and creative movement within a softly, exacting curriculum of superior and professional training whose splendor will manifest itself through all of her tomorrows.