The Advanced Curriculum

Our Advanced Curriculum invites Three Levels of advanced pupils who dedicate themselves to studying at least five, six, and seven times each week. PROGRESSIVE REPETITION is presented in three stages of technical virtuosity to those young ladies who desire, comprehend, and dedicate to embrace a degree of excellence which can be attained only through stringent commitment to superior training. These students are consistently presented with progressive technical challenges and expectations of personal and classical endeavor, unparalleled opportunity for professional performing, and the empowering atmosphere that has prepared and created a rich and distinguished heritage of superb dancers.

Lovely Young Ladies Are Our Future

Enroll your daughter with Chester County’s Oldest and Finest Training School for Dance. The enrichment of Dance today will prepare your little girl in the future. Your daughter is the most special young lady in the entire world. She deserves a truly distinctive teacher and individual attention. Our Faculty shares with each pupil the epitome of professional training in a Victorian setting of technical knowledge and quality. These are lessons that last a lifetime, and your daughter deserves the Tradition of Excellence that is the creed of The Harrison Studios.