The Sparklers

The Sparklers Gymnastic Troupe is for our intermediate students who wish to further their training with extra lessons and rehearsals as a member of the first level of performers who would have additional exposure in production numbers for our recitals.

Your daughter is most welcome to join our very prestigious and popular Gymnastics Troupe known as “The Young Americans”. We no longer sponsor competitive gym teams, as our emphasis now is on Recreational and Developmental Gymnastics. Maintaining teams places stress and pressure upon our pupils which has no place in our present teaching curriculum. Performing for others is a happy way to engage in worthwhile Community benefit projects. We do shows at schools, malls, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes.

Soon after our Fall Classes commence, we shall begin Saturday Training Sessions for our “Sparklers Gymnasts” in preparation for our big Holiday Spectacular Recital in December. Please call us if your daughter might be interested.

We are proud to be one of Pennsylvania’s largest training schools for children. Our Staff is extremely qualified, and our Coaches are very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and intuitive to the emotional needs and physical development of busy and pressured young people today.