Our Tiny Tots Curriculum


TinyTots_3rdset08Cameron_smWe are Pennsylvania’s largest training school for children, with a fully accredited professional faculty, whose carefully supervised classes are taught with patience and genuine understanding. Children love our classes and their teachers, who introduce so gracefully the technique, culture, and spectrum of The Wonderful World of Dance.






Little Ladies are so preciousTinyTots_Cameron_2harr189_sm

 Our unique program for children three to five years old is comprised of PRE-DANCE MOVEMENT, EURHYTHMICS, BASIC BODY COORDINATION, and INTERPRETIVE DANCE. All instruction is presented in general terms applicable to small children. With its accompanying CREATIVE BODY MOVEMENTS, DANCE IS AN INVALUABLE DIMENSION OF LEARNING which should challenge blossoming imaginations. Children are able to explore Basic Learning Concepts through Dance, and learn the invaluable, healthy socializing skills with their peers. Our students are introduced to Beginning Ballet and Tap Movement, Dance Terminology and Execution, and how to respond to music. They are gently encouraged to take direction and experience the vitality and camaraderie of being a member of the class.